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Melissa Craig was the very first “temp” at her parent’s staffing company in 1987.  She takes pride in this background as it has enabled her to recognize that, for us, customer service goes two directions—the customer AND the employees!  As the Regional Manager of Summit, and President of Quest, Melissa participates in all aspects of the organization including sales, placement, safety management and in-house staff training and support.


David Craig oversees the payroll, accounting and IT functions. He is instrumental in maintaining and customizing our state of the art payroll system, including custom programming and reports tailored specifically to our clients needs.


The leader of our Placement Team in Wilsonville is the tenured and amazingly capable Emily Croft.  Emily has been an active contributor to the Quest/Summit organization since starting out as a temporary employee during school breaks when she was in high school.  She consistently applies her experience to provide excellent customer service to both our clients and employees.  If you have a need for employees, or are looking for a job, we guarantee Emily will generate answers!


Shandy Danford our Staffing Coordinator, started in 2015.  She joined our organization with little staffing experience, but it was immediately clear her tenacity to getting employees on the job was PERFECT for the industry!  Shandy is genuine, honest and dedicated to successfully representing both our clients AND employees.  You will appreciate her relability and support when it comes to meeting YOUR staffing needs.


When it comes to reception, our front desk representative does much more than just sit up front to greet guests or answer the phone...this person is also a back-bone to our placement team.  We are very fortunate to have Vanessa Salinas in this role!  She is adaptable to anything going on and maintains a consistently positive attitude.  So, if you call or stop in and think Vanessa can't help you because she's "just the receptionist", you'll be missing out on an opportunity to work with one of our best staff members!


If you see a job posting, you are pretty much guaranteed to be seeing the work of our Recruiter, Angela Lamarr.  Angela first worked for Quest Staffing as a Staffing Coordinator from 2004-2006.  In 2014, she reached out to Melissa for a copy of her Letter of Recommendation, but instead of sending the letter, we sent her a job offer and here she is again!  Angela's greatest strength to being our recruiter is her experience in staffing plus impressive organizational skills.  She has an open mind to trying different things to finding candidates and is diligent about doing her part to provide the support our Placement Staff needs when it comes to recruiting.


Jan Vrooman is the rock in our accounting dept.  She completes our effort at providing exemplary customer service by being quick to address customer and employee concerns.  With an accuracy rate near 100%, Jan makes our payroll process one of the best  in the industry.  Jan has ran our Payroll and Accounting Department since 2007.


Last on the list, but hardly least given everything she does, is Heather Bates, who provides tremendous support to many of us at Quest/Summit Staffing.  Her primary role is to support Jan in the accounting department.  However, she also runs payroll, is our primary ACA benefits administrator as well as administrator to many other corporate functions.  Heather has a strong eagerness to please all our clients and employees, so if you have questions about paychecks, invoices or insurance, she is a good one to call!

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