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"With so many other staffing services to choose from,

what does Quest have to offer that I can't get from someone else?"

Why Use Quest

  • Our rates are competitive with industry standards


  • We take pride in our reputation for excellence as well as the knowledge we have acquired through the development of our staffing experience.


  • Clients repeatedly turn to us for assistance with their staffing needs and personnel requirements.

Employees can trust that we will work with each qualified individual to find suitable and rewarding  employment opportunities.


  • Long-term relationships with our clients and employees have been built on trust and a developed sensitivity to workplace environments and personalities always a consideration with our placements.

We focus on customer service.  We design our service around your needs.


  • Problem solving is our specialty.  You'll communicate directly to your account representative.  All of our staff are cross-trained and can quickly find answers to your questions and solutions to your personnel and career problems.


  • Accounting & Payroll. Because we are a local company, our accounting office is a phone call away. Billing and payroll questions or problems are handled quickly and resolved efficiently.

High Standards

  • Exceptional job placements with our goal being to match employees with companies for the full duration of the job and an individual who blends well with the existing employees.
  • Company specific-recruiting and orientation.
  • Prompt and efficient answers to questions and availability of our resources.


Targeted Endevors

  • To accurately determine applicants' skills, abilities and attitudes.
  • To consistently establish competency levels - basic and/or entry level, intermediate, advanced.
  • To contribute to our clients' productivity and success.
  • To deliver quality performance.
  • To seek and earn customer and employee satisfaction and referral.
  • To be knowledgeable and familiar with client job requirements and work-site environments.
  • To provide fast and efficient problem resolution.

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